Last updated 10th May 2018

It’s your data – keeping it safe is our priority

Where is the data hosted

GoSimple Software host our Websites (GoSimpleTax & GoSimpleBooks) on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is located on hosting facilities physically located in Dublin, Ireland. AWS employs robust physical security controls including CCTV, security staff and two factor authentication.

Server security

We take the security of your data very seriously and follow best practise procedures to secure our servers, including:

  • 256bit SSL data encryption of all data going between You and GoSimple Software.
  • Use of strong passwords.
  • Regular installation of security patches.
  • Firewalls implemented on servers.


GoSimple Software monitors event logs, notifications and other alerts to help identify and manage potential threats.

Availability of the Service

GoSimple Software work with AWS to maintains uptime of the Service. AWS are monitored 24/7 to detect incidents and solve problems.

Disaster Recovery and backup procedures

GoSimple Software has procedures in place should a worst-case scenario such as a hosting failure at AWS happen, GoSimple Software can quickly switch to a backup to keep the website running.

GoSimple Software takes a snapshot of all customer data on a nightly basis.

GoSimple Software retains a minimum 1 week of backups available for disaster recovery purposes.

Access to information

GoSimple Software will only give access to the data stored within the AWS servers where necessary and only ever to personnel who require access to ensure the smooth running of the websites. Anyone who is granted access whether internal or external is closely monitored by a senior member of staff. AWS do not have access to the data.